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Warcraft card bundles


A bundle of 50 different World of Warcraft trading cards.

Over the years I was commissioned to produce over 60 illustrations for the World of Warcraft trading card game. For most of these images, I received a pack of artist proof cards. Artist proofs are identical to the standard cards except that they have unprinted white backs and are only available in limited numbers from the artist.

Each card bundle contains a random selection of 50 different artist proof cards including at least one foil card.

The selection is random as I don't have equal numbers of all the cards and listing 60 odd card names and images would be quite time consuming! If there are particular cards you would like me to include, please leave a note during checkout and I will include them if I still have stock.

Some of these images are now used in Hearthstone. If you would like me to include these images in your bundle, just leave a note when you checkout.

I am happy to sign the cards for a small additional charge.

Bundles will be despatched in a padded envelope.